I took this photo on the edge of the woods in North Chagrin Reservation.  Notice the mixture of seedlings, saplings and mature trees.  This is a healthy forest.


Because in 1978 Cleveland Metroparks began exhaustive studies of what and how much deer were eating and the resultant damage to parks’ areas.  By 1998, Metroparks had determined deer density varied from 49-125 per square mile.  Their goal was to reduce deer density to about 20 per square mile and to 5 per square mile where damage was severe.

We are the beneficiaries of Metroparks’ stewardship of their parks.  My hiking buddy and I saw an abundance of Trillium and Wake Robin scattered throughout the park and blankets of Quaker Lace in sunnier sections.  We also saw Wild Phlox, Wild Geranium, Colt’s Feet, Pussytoes, Jack in the Pulpits, Yellow Violets, Purple Violets, Spring Beauties and about a dozen flowers we couldn’t identify.

Not surprisingly, we didn’t see any deer in North Chagrin.  Only their tracks and droppings here and there.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thousand words aren’t adequate to describe the beauty of North Chagrin and the poverty of Veterans Park and the Mentor Marsh. Go see for yourself.

Sunday, June 12th would be a good day to visit the Marsh.  Becky’s giving a walk to and talk about the deer exclosure from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

So.  What’s your take on my take?


  1. Bill Wickline

    I am not in favor of culling or killing deer, but such wildlife should be rustled up and transferred to remote wooded areas like in Pennsylvania. The deer population here in Mentor appears to be rather high, as I often see quite a few especially crossing Hopkins Road, particularly south of Hendricks.

  2. Bill Wickline

    I guess Pennsylvania isn’t a safe haven for deer either as you told me earlier, Carole. Deer can be precious, and just as much they can be trouble, unless they’re out of harms way.

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