Silver SUV

with solitary driver,

may your wheels wither.

Smell of cigarette

from car that I must follow

closes my window.

Driver impatient

with my rapid change of lanes,

I sear your finger.

Bald man in MG

courts certain melanoma

of his shining dome.

Hummer blocking view,

my trunk holds universes–

yours is pitiful.

Blaring radio

vibrates loose the fillings of

unaware driver.

Bright lights in mirror

glare back at car behind and melt

the driver’s eyeballs.

Telephone waves fill

his ear and distract his eyes

from sly radar box.

Pretty girl applies

mascara perfectly and

swerves from left to right.


2 responses to “ROUTE 2 HAIKU

  1. Bill Wickline

    Those people should be watched and kept off the roads.

  2. Bill–
    Would that we could. If all the annoying, careless drivers were off the road, we’d end our dependence on foreign oil and significantly slow down climate change.

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