I have Ron’s permission to publish his response to my question as to why and at what date deer sterilization became illegal in Ohio.


Ms. Clement;

The Ohio Revised Code section 1531.06 was amended and the Administrative Code 1501:31-25-01 reference contraceptive chemicals was promulgated in the early to mid 1990’s. While the idea of contraception for deer sounds like a viable option, there are many health and safety concerns and civil liability issues to consider. White-tailed deer cover large territories and are hit on roadways regularly. Thousands of people hunt deer near metropolitan areas and in many municipalities where archery hunting is permitted. Thousands of others collect road-killed deer as food for consumption from Ohio’s roadways.

Deer treated with contraceptive chemicals are not fit for consumption because of these chemicals. The travels of treated deer cannot be controlled and because of this, it creates health and safety concerns for the public. The effects of the contraceptive chemicals on the people that consume the venison is a serious medical concern. I recommend that you contact Damon Greer, a specialist in urban deer control, at our District Office in Akron. Damon can be reached at (330)644-2293. Thank you for writing WildOhio with your concerns. If you need further assistance please feel free to contact Damon or me directly.


Ronald L. Ollis

Law Enforcement Administration

ODNR, Division of Wildlife



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