The good doctor recommends fish high in Omega-3s because of their benefits to our physical and mental health.  Omega 3s consist of two essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which contribute to our mental and physical health.

Weil recommends minimizing consumption of the following:

Wild predatory fish  These fish ingest all the contaminants that all the lower feeders have consumed and may be high in mercury.  Children and pregnant women in particular should avoid Shark    Swordfish    Tilefish    King mackerel    White (albacore) tuna

Omega-6 rich fish   The fatty acids in these fish promote inflammation, which is known to damage blood vessels, the heart, tissues of the lung and joint, skin and digestive tract.  Avoid Farm-raised tilapia.

Farm-raised salmon (also called Atlantic salmon)  This salmon has a less favorable ratio of Omega 3s and Omega 6s than does Wild salmon.   It may contain residues of drugs such as antibiotics used to treat diseases in farm pens.  And levels of PCBs and other contaminants are much higher in farmed salmon than in Wild salmon.

I quit eating farm-raised salmon several years ago when I discovered if was artificially colored to resemble Wild salmon.  Salmon in the wild turn reddish because of their diet, and salmon’s wild diet is the source of their healthy Omega 3s.

With farmed salmon, a dye is introduced into their kibbles so they don’t appear in the fish counters as a pasty gray, like other fish.  Despite known allergens in dyes, farmed salmon weren’t labeled as artificially colored several years ago.  I don’t know if that’s still the case.








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