A New Yorker born in 2004 can expect to live nine months longer than the average American.  And New Yorkers’ life expectancy is lengthening much faster than that of other Americans.

How come?

The 2003 city-wide smoking ban is decreasing deaths attributable to smoking by 10%.

Like many larger cities, New York attracts a population that demands fresh, organic foods or other superior foods.

Finally, because of the density of urban amenities, New Yorkers walk more than do suburbanites.

I’d add another factor to the list:  the 2002 ban on horn-blowing except for emergencies.  Violators pay a hefty fine.  I believe it was almost $400 for a first offense.

When I visited in 2004, I was amazed by how pleasant it was to walk down the quiet streets, free from noise and cigarette pollution.

However, I did notice drivers using more hand signs rather than horns to express their traffic frustrations.  It wouldn’t surprise me if New Yorkers enjoy higher digital dexterity and flexibility than the average American.


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