Sunday  Sept 18   5-8 PM   The Other Side of the Mountain:  A Sunset Trek on a Very Private Preserve   Corning Visitor Center  (CVC)    Bob Faber   $20/members   $30/nonmembers   Length:  3 miles   Moderate  NAT255   Explore the seldom seen back trails through old growth forests, along dashing brooks and waterfalls and into the fading light of day.  The backdrop of this site is Little Mountain and the tributary gorges of the East Branch of The Chagrin River.  The varied landforms and earth process result in a great variety of forest communities. This is the perfect setting for a quiet evening walk through one of the most interesting and private landscapes in Ohio.

Sunday   Sept 15   1-4 PM   Hidden Lakes and Lost Wetlands of the Grand River   Meet at site, directions sent on registration   Bob Faber   $20/members   $30/nonmembers   Moderate   4 miles on flat terrain   NAT109   The 7,400 acre Grand River Wildlife Area, near West Farmington, is one of the largest wild areas in Ohio.  It is the haunt of black bears, bobcats, river otters, eagles, osprey, sandhill cranes and other wildlife species. We will explore and learn about these extensive lowland forest communities as we travel along unimproved, but elevated trails that offer excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Saturday   Oct 15   9 AM to 1 PM   Fall Woodlands of Carver’s Pond     CVC    Nate Beccue    $20/members   $30/nonmembers   HIK116   Physically demanding    HIK116   Awash in fall color, Carver’s Pond offers some of the most breathtaking views in the area and contains some incredible tree specimens.  Explore the flora, fauna and geology of woodlands and ponds of this unique and seldom seen area.  This is a physically demanding hike requiring a good degree of physical fitness.  Proper Footwear is essential and should be appropriate for climbing and walking in sometimes steep and wet conditions.

Sunday   Nov 5   3-6 PM   The Hidden Preserves of Chagrin Falls and the Chagrin Valley   Meet at site, directions sent on registration   Bob Faber   $20/members   $30/nonmembers    Moderate   3 miles total with rolling hills on trails   NAT460   The Forest Ridge Preserve is a newly opened woodland property on the western edge of the Chagrin Valley in Moreland Hills.  The trails wind through a mature upland forest bordering the Chagrin River.         The Whitesburg Preserve along the Chagrin River is near downtown Chagrin Falls.  This is a landscape that is closely tied to the early history of Chagrin Falls and is now being reclaimed by the natural ecosystems.

Saturday   Nov 19    3-6 PM   Loon Lake and Apple Pie   Meet at site, directions sent on registration   Bob Faber   $15/members   $25/nonmembers    Moderate   3 miles with rolling low hills on trails    NAT229     Explore the hidden trails and the obscure pathways of the East Branch Reservoir in the rolling Amish Hills of Geauga County.  This refuge from the hunting season attracts a variety of waterfowl, bald eagles, loons and swans.  There will be plenty of time to learn about the old growth forest system and ample views of the lake.  This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful preserves in the region.  Following the walk will be an optional dinner at a nearby Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen restaurant.

Register at holdenarb.org by clicking on “registration” or by calling 440 602-3833 daily between 9 AM to 5 PM.

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