“Broadway comedy is generally a testament to Twain’s maxim that honesty is the best of all the lost arts.  On the boulevard, laughter is meant to distract, not galvanize, to enchant, not disenchant.  Into this weak hand, David Mamet has dealt an ace.”    –John Lahr, The New Yorker

THE STORY:  Two days in the life of the American President.  It’s November in a Presidential Election year, and incumbent Charles Smith’s chances for reelection are looking grim.  Approval ratings are down, his money is running out, and nuclear war might be imminent.  Though his staff has thrown in the towel, President Smith is not yet ready to give up.  With Mamet’s typical adult language and no-holds-barred style, November is a scathing take on the state of America today and the lengths to which “some people” will go to win.  Truly funny and truly adult.

Being familiar with a style of dialogue called “Mamet Talk”, and with the ability of the director, Martin Friedman, and with the comedic talent of the cast members, I can assure you that you will have a truly funny and thought-provoking evening of theater.

Mamet received the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for his movie and play, Glengarry Glen Ross.  He received an Academy Award nomination in 1982 for his first movie script, The Verdict.  In 1997, Mamet shared an Academy Award nomination with Hillary Henkin for Best Adapted Screenplay, their Wag the Dog. 

THE CAST:  Robert Hawkes,  Andrew Narten,  Anne McEvoy, Robert McCoy,  Abigail Allwein

PRODUCTION DATES:  November  will open on Friday, September 30, and run through October 16, 2011—Friday through Sunday.  For specific curtain times and directions to the Civic Theatre, please check  

For more information and to order tickets, please email Martin Friedman at or call 440-525-7034   



































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