Lone wind turbine at Great Lakes Science Center won’t be lonely for much longer.

(Insights from Kleinhenz and Associates feasibility study for LEEDCo Pilot Project)     “Interviews with component makers revealed that larger components for offshore wind turbines, such as blades and towers, are so bulky (and hence so expensive and challenging to ship) that, once a sufficient volume were required to justify the capital investment in manufacturing plant, they would most likely be built along the Ohio lakefront or else barged in from elsewhere on the Great lakes for wind turbines installed in Lake Erie.

“Interviews also revealed one case of a precision parts manufacturer in Ohio that had retooled, retrained, and cemented business relationships within a three-year time frame in order to become a component supplier to a major wind turbine company.

“These insights into the business opportunities associated with the wind industry indicate that Ohio manufacturers are well-positioned to catalyze the emergence of an offshore wind sector in Lake Erie.”

My Take:  And why not?  Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ireland already have offshore wind turbines providing clean, renewable electricity.

By 2015 France, Italy, Norway, Poland and Spain will join those countries.

Today, there are no freshwater offshore wind turbines in the United States, though the research and development process is going on in Canada and elsewhere in the Great Lakes region.

To the first to hit the freshwater with a wind turbine belong the spoils.  The spoils are considerable.  We’re looking at a huge market.

C’mon, Northeast Ohio.

Let’s be that catalyst Kleinhenz referred to.

Let’s be first!


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