Go to or call 216 231-4600, ext. 3214 to register

Wednesday           Oct 26:                   Back to Basics:  Climate Change   7 PM to 9 PM    Nathan Taxel, Outdoor Education Coordinator       Today, the words “climate change” and “global warming” are everywhere, but what do they really mean?  In this classroom program, we will leave our politics at the door and focus on the basic science needed to understand climate change.

We’ll discuss what is universally agreed upon (among climate scientists) and what isn’t.  We’ll also explore the effects of climate change on our regional economy, environment, health and food supply.  Then, learn what you can do to help.

A tour of the Museum’s Climate Change Exhibit is included. Members $12 Nonmembers $15  Limit 20



 Saturday   Oct 29:     Audubon’s Masterpiece and Fellow Book Rarities     10 AM to Noon    Wendy Wasman, Museum Librarian       See the double elephant folio edition of Audubon’s Birds of America.  Find out why this book is the biggest, heaviest and most valuable in the Museum’s Rare Book Collection.  Witness the changing the display page.

In addition, you’ll get a chance to see some of the other hidden treasures from the Rare Book Collection, rarely seen by anyone.    Members $12   Nonmembers $15  Limit 20

Wednesdays, Nov 2 & Nov 9:    The Science of Natural History   6 PM to 9 PM       Museum Curatorial and Education Staff This class will introduce participants to the wide range of scientific activity and natural history disciplines at the Museum.  Learn about the research being done by our curators and other staff around the world.   Why do we own properties around Ohio and what type of research is conducted on them?  You probably have other questions as well.  This class is required for Naturalist Certificate Program participants.      Members $40 Nonmembers $50  Limit 20

Saturday  November 12:   ZeroLandfill(ED) ™   10 AM to 2 PM  ZeroLandfil(ED) ™, an award-winning upcycling program, makes materials donated by architects and interior designers available to the creative community.

ZeroLandfil(ED) ™ is a professional development workshop for anyone interested in new ideas on how to use these unique materials.  For more information about ZeroLandfil(ED) ™ and to register for this workshop, visit      Fee $50   Limit 20


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