Mrs Arthur Holden chatting with a guest at the dedication ceremony of the Holden University Center

Lakeland’s Holden University Center in Kirtland allows students to earn Bachelor’s or graduate degrees from nine Ohio colleges while staying close to home.  Students pursue their degrees in a state-of-the-art learning center and pay tuition that’s one-third the amount of four-year schools.

The impact the Holden University Center will have on the lives and careers of young people is significant.  Last night at the dedication, one student, Christa Parisi, told us of the world of possibilities and hope the Center has opened for her.

Christa Parisi addressing guests at Holden University Center

“My name is Christa Parisi.  I graduated from Lakeland this past spring and am currently taking bridge courses with the Cleveland State Partnership.  I’m here today to express my gratitude to Mrs Holden and all others who made this opportunity possible for me to further my education.

“I am the first in my family to attend college.  And the Holden University Center is going to make it possible for me to be the first person in my family to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

“Before the Holden University Center was built, I began to look at other colleges and discovered that I would be forced to put my education on hold.  When I was introduced to the thought of the University Center, I began to do more research.

“I realized that with its convenient location near my home and work, it would save me money on gas and parking, and it will also allow me to have more time to balance my schedule.  The money I can save from taking bridge courses at Lakeland’s tuition rate and the new scholarships that I may be eligible for put my dreams within reach.

“Because of the Holden University Center, I will be able to start working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership through the Cleveland State Partnership.  I’m looking forward to beginning my classes next semester and being able to use all of the new state-of-the-art technologies to enhance my learning.

“My opportunity started at Lakeland and continues through the Holden University Center.”

Best wishes to Ms Parisi and all her classmates as they begin their singular journeys at the Holden University Center.  Our thanks to the students are in order as well, because our community is the ultimate beneficiary of the opportunities afforded them at the Center.


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