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Saturday   Oct 29:  Sustainable Practices for the Family     10 AM to Noon   Learn how your family can save money and adopt sustainable practices for your home and garden.  Stefanie Penn Spear, founder and executive director of EcoWatch and president of Expedite Renewable Energy, will present an upbeat and inspiring talk that will help you discover how your family can make a difference in creating a sustainable future for our region.

Wednesday  Nov 2:  The Promise & Peril of Energy from Shale Formations in Pennsylvania & Ohio    7 PM     Dr Nels Johnson, director of conservation with The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania, leads the discussion.  A panel of Ohio experts will follow.  Free with Museum admission.

National Policy Forum with the Brookings Institution

Friday   Nov 4:   Climate Change and our Energy Future:  A Challenge for Cleveland, America and the Human Race    7:30 PM      Climate change is a critical issue for cities, nations and the entire planet.  How do we reach across boundaries of geography and politics to create policies that will actually reduce the threat?  Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution, will discuss the state of domestic and international efforts to tackle the existential challenge of climate change.  Bruce Kats, vice president of the Brookings Institution, will describe the vital role of cities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Moderator is Ronald Richard, president of the Cleveland Foundation.


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