Friday     October21:  ”Bats:  Leather Wings of Northeast Ohio”       6:30 PM Dinner       8:PM Program    Willoughby United Methodist Church      Program FREE    Dinner by firm reservation, $8 adult $4 children under 12  

Bats and snakes have taken the bum rap in our cultural history:  Bats for their love of darkness, and the snake, with the consent of Eve, for helping to drive us from Eden.  Throw in a spider and you have most of what the media uses to scare us at Halloween.

But who can name more human-friendly, albeit not so cuddly, families than these for what they do to keep our insects and rodents in some degree of control?  Tim Krynak, North Chagrin Nature Center Naturalist, has come to know a lot about our Ohio bats, their unique adaptations, and the enormous environmental role they play.

In this month’s Burroughs program, Tim will present an overview of these “leatherwings” and will also discuss the current and urgent threats to the survival of bats.

Along with his interest in Ohio bats and his work at North Chagrin, Tim is also very involved in supporting conservation and biological research and environmental education in the Mindo region of Ecuador, where, we can assume, he has expanded his expertise in these aerial acrobats of the night.

Added attraction:  November is our annual Craft Sale, a good time to part with some of your treasures and meet others as they peruse the wares.  Come early and we’ll set you up in the upper hall, or come early and have a look around.

Make dinner reservations by Tuesday noon,        to Carol Fishwick (440-946-3699 or dfishwick@sbcglobal.net)    Joe Baumann (440-248-6419)   Lois Mara (440-352-9901) Marge Westman (440-352-1510)  

Cancellations after Wednesday noon must be paid for, or you may wish to send someone in your place. 

Guests and new members are always welcome at Burroughs.

Recycle printer cartridges and help save money on printing costs for Burroughs Club.  Bring your empty cartridges to the meeting and Connie Owen will trade them in at Staples.  Last year we saved substantially this way.

Christmas Bird Count:  No Burroughs Meeting in December.   It doesn’t seem possible that we’re already speaking of counting birds in our lower Chagrin area as part of the annual Audubon bird count.  We’ll have the details—time and meeting place—at our November meeting.  For us, the event/hike will be Saturday, December 17th and will take the place of a Burroughs program at that very busy time of year.


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