Sunday   Nov 20   9AM:  Presque Isle State Park, Erie Pa    Meet at the Nature Center parking lot

A great place to bird, not too far away from us, is Presque Isle State Park.  We chose this site because it is not only an area rich in diversity but because we have had many requests to repeat this adventure.

Waterfowl are on the move, and there are many late stragglers migrating south.  There have been many rare sightings at this location, including a Wood Stork several years back.  Please come prepared for the weather, and bring your scope to see distant waterfowl.

The Nature Center is on the left shortly after you enter the park.  DO NOT meet at the new Tom Ridge Environmental Center before entering the park.

Directions:  Take I-90 east to PA Exit #18, exiting left/north toward Presque Isle/Sterrettania.  You’ll be on PA Rte 832, which you’ll follow right into the park and Nature Center.  It’s about a 90-minute trip from Mentor.

Call Jim McConnor at 440 257-2507 for more information.

For information about Blackbrook’s 2011-2012 schedule of programs and activities, go to


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