Thanks to Farmer and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, hunters can reduce Mentor’s deer population and help feed the hungry in Lake County.  It’s one of the winningest win-wins I’ve come across in a long time.

Did you know that one deer provides 200 meals for hungry people?  I didn’t, until I read a brochure published by FHFH, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1997.

FHFH is funded by donations from individuals, foundations and corporations such  as the North American Hunting Club and the Quality Deer Management Association.    

The donations cover the entire cost of processing legally harvested deer, other big game and livestock by inspected meat processors.  The meat is then donated to non-profit organizations and ministries that serve the needy, generally in the same county where it was donated.

All at no cost to the hunter or farmer.

I met the local FHFH Chapter Coordinator, Jason Traggiai, at a Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership meeting a couple of months ago.  You can reach him at or at 440 548-5904 for information about FHFH.

You’ll find additional information at and at 1-866-GET-FHFH.





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