Sunday   Dec 18th  All Day:  Christmas Bird Count

Our annual bird count is the oldest citizen-science project in North America.  The object is to count all the bird species and the total number of birds represented within our 15-mile radius in one 24-hour period.

We need as many eyes and ears as possible to get an accurate count.  The data is turned in to National Audubon for a full tally from across the entire North American area.  We’ll assign our teams of volunteers to specific areas in our territory.

We need volunteers to be feeder watchers, too, thereby covering many backyard birds we’d miss while we’re surveying out in the bush.  Please consider this option.

We rendezvous to compare notes and to enjoy a hot lunch at a to-be designated restaurant.

Please dress for the weather.

To participate in this important project, call Anders Fjeldstad at 440 257-7611 or Jim McConnor at 440 257-2507.

For information about Blackbrook’s 2011-2012 schedule of programs and activities, go to



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