Go to for cost and registration.                   Instructors:  Education Division Staff            Members: $42/day or $37/day or $111 for all three days        Non members $47/day or $126 for all three days     Aftercare is $8/day.   Limit 25.    For children grades 1-4.

 Monday   Dec 19   9AM-3:30 PM:  How’s the Weather out There?  Our classroom will be a flurry of activity while students study the reason for season changes, experiment with the science behind weather systems, explore the relationship between weather and climate, and investigate simple weather instruments.  Some of the day’s activities will be conducted outside examining the current conditions, so students should come dressed for the weather.

Tuesday   Dec 20   9AM-3:30 PM:   Hot, Hot, Hot!  Experiments with Heat    Feeling chilly this winter?  Warm up your brains and body with some sizzling science experiments!  Try heat-producing chemistry, blaze common household objects and learn what it means to be a hot-blooded mammal in a cold Cleveland climate.

Wednesday   Dec 21   9AM-3:30 PM:     We will explore the wide variety of birds—birds that fly and those that don’t, birds that migrate and those that stay here all winter, birds that are good swimmers and those that are fast runners.  If it’s got feathers, we’ll check it out.  We’ll also make a nice winter treat for our feathered friends.


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