Both the Peregrine (PAIR i grin) Falcon, the fastest living animal, and the Goshawk (GAHS hawk) are uniquely endowed to be superb hunters.  Their long tails act as rudders to aid the Peregrine’s split-second changes in altitude and angle of attack and enable the Goshawk to soundlessly thread its way through dense woodlands.

It may be the eyes of these hunters that are their most extraordinary adaptation.  If you’re reading a book at arms’ length and rapidly bring it to your face, you’re going to lose focus of the print.

But when the falcon’s diving from 800 feet at 150-200 MPH to snatch his prey, he never loses sight of it.  His eyes have the ability to instantaneously adjust their focus to the rapidly decreasing distance.

Click on the link below to enjoy a true bird’s-eye view of the Peregrine’s aerobatic display and the Goshawk’s maneuverability in the forest.

My thanks to Mary Ann Wagner for sending me the link.


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