Friday     January 20:             A Bird’s Eye View of Lake County       6:30 PM Dinner       8:PM Program    Willoughby United Methodist Church      Program FREE    Dinner by firm reservation, $8 adult $4 children under 12  

The New Year is a great time to step back and look at the big picture, and there couldn’t be a better way to do that than by taking a journey into the sky and looking back down at the earth.  Brian Fowler is the Chief of Recreation Services with Lake Metroparks and a paraglider pilot.

We invite you to join us at our January gathering of Burroughs, where Brian will share over a hundred of his images of northeastern Ohio, photos taken while flying as most of us can only dream to do.

In Brian’s words, “Along the way we will fly over Mentor Marsh, along the Lake Erie shoreline, over the top of the lighthouse and skim the frozen waters of the lake.  The journey will give you a unique perspective of the colors and textures that make our area a beautiful place to live.”

Make dinner reservations by Tuesday noon,        to Carol Fishwick (440-946-3699 or dfishwick@sbcglobal.net)    Joe Baumann (440-248-6419)   Lois Mara (440-352-9901)   Marge Westman (440-352-1510)  

Cancellations after Wednesday noon must be paid for, or you may wish to send someone in your place.     Guests and new members are always welcome at Burroughs.

The 2011 Willoughby area Christmas Bird Count took place on Saturday,12/17.  It was the mildest weather day we’ve experienced for this annual effort in a long time.  Fourteen folks canvassed the parks, neighborhoods, and green areas of Willoughby plus we had 3 counts from very active feeders.  33 different species ere spotted with a total of 576 individuals.

The most common species (not counting starlings, pigeons, or house sparrows) were cardinals, blue jays, and black-capped chickadees.  Species of note that were sighted included bald eagle, American kestrel, eastern screech owl, brown creeper, Carolina wren, eastern towhee, and white-throated sparrows.

 Recycle printer cartridges and help save money on printing costs for Burroughs Club.  Bring your empty cartridges to the meeting and Connie Owen will trade them in at Staples.  Last year we saved substantially this way. 


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