Monday   Jan 9   10 AM   Activity Room 2  Informational Meeting for Cordial Connections   The club provides single seniors with social outlets, events and activities different from and beyond those provided by the Senior Center.  Want to know more?  Come find out for yourself at our informational meeting.

 On Wednesday, January 11, our group will have lunch at Willoughby Fine Arts and hear The Storyteller, Dan Ruminski, talk to us about Millionaire’s Row in Cleveland.   Call Gayle at 440 953-4469 for more information.

Additional information about the club is below.

My Take on The Storyteller:  I heard him speak this summer.  Check out the review in my blog at


                                           Cordial Connections

 Goals and objectives:      

 Club goal and mission statement: Provide a means for single seniors to meet and socialize in an amicable atmosphere.

 Objectives–  Single Seniors with diverse interests participate in a variety of activities. To provide an amicable atmosphere in which to meet new people, socialize and attend events.

 Membership requirements– single and a senior (55 years old or more) 


Gayle Celizic, President            440-953-4469

Nancy Hess, Vice President             440-257-2757

Monthly Activity Outline – one or all of these events can take place in                                                    any given month.


Activity One-  CC – Coffee Connection


                  Singles meet and get to know each other over coffee, etc.

Activity Two – DC-  Dinner Connection


                  Singles mingle over dinner at various restaurants.

Activity Three- AC – Activity Connection

Singles attend and/or take part in various activities or adventures.

Activity Four- LC – Lunch Connection

                        Singles meet over lunch at various locations.


Membership Information

Membership includes a mailed monthly newsletter, club roster, and the latest details about club activities.

You have two choices to make becoming a member easy. You can join for 6 months or the whole year. Dues for the year are $12.00; for six months $6.00.

We hope you will join us for more entertaining activities and enjoyable events in the New Year.

Gayle & Nancy



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