from Columbus Green Activism Examiner and other sources

One of the goals of the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO), founded 5 years ago, is to improve the business-university collaborative experience.  The group is uniquely positioned to build on the foundation established by state, federal and private initiatives.

At their April, 2011 meeting, the group recognized two major Ohio energy projects that represent the benefits of business, university and community collaborations.  One of the corporations was Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo), an organization that has taken the lead in promoting Northeast Ohio’s regional efforts to build, install and deploy an initial offshore wind pilot project seven miles offshore of downtown Cleveland.

LEEDCo has established partnerships involving collaborative efforts with Ohio’s state and local governments and with Northeast Ohio businesses leaders.

The company has established relationships assuring unique research, engineering and testing facilities for the project with the following organizations: NASA Glenn Research Center,   National Renewable Energy Laboratory,     Case Western Reserve University,   The Ohio State University,    The University of Toledo,    Bowling Green State University,   Lorain County Community College,    Cleveland State University.

And it’s not only LEEDCo that has faith in Northeast Ohio’s ability to produce clean offshore energy.  A few months ago, the US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program awarded $1,540,000 to 3 Northeast Ohio groups to promote technological innovations, reduced costs and improved efficiency in creating offshore wind energy systems.

Here’s a breakdown of the funding:

Case Western Reserve University     Cleveland     $540,000     This project will evaluate potential impacts of offshore wind on the electric grid in the Great lakes region and determine requirements on interconnection points, control systems and the application of system reinforcements for different transmission system characteristics.

Freshwater Wind LLC     Cleveland     $500,000     This project will develop a computational model to study how existing wind turbine systems could be optimized for shallow water conditions found in the Great Lakes.

Nautica Windpower LLC     Olmstead Falls     $500,000     This project will develop a conceptual design for a deep-water offshore wind farm using lightweight floating platforms with improved access for maintenance.


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