from email from City Hall, January 19, 2012   “Council President Marn and Council VP Kirchner have scheduled the following Work Sessions:

January 31st  Deer Population – Background Information and Maintenance Options.  Experts will be brought in to discuss biodiversity, sustainability and damage to the habitat.  If desired, the Administration will bring forward ideas on maintenance programs.”


My Take on the new Work Session:  Many thanks to Mentor City Council, Scott Marn and Ray Kirchner in particular, for responding so quickly to the discontent that followed last Tuesday’s session re. deer management.

The new Work Session will be held Tuesday, January 31st, in Council Chambers on the third floor of City Hall.  The deer population is the only topic scheduled for discussion on the agenda.

In addition to listening, community members in attendance will be heard.

As there is no regular Council meeting scheduled for that evening, the session will last until the discussion’s over.

Please attend and lend your voice and viewpoint to the discussion.

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