Courageous Mentor Citizen Speaks Out!

I received this letter in this morning’s mail, turned it upside down and slit it open with the rest of the mail.  And read it.

I believe I received a letter addressed to me in the same handwriting within the last couple weeks, but it never made it inside the house because I’d noticed there was no return address on the front or back of the envelope, so I pitched it in the recycle bin with the other junk mail.

At any rate, here’s the letter:

“Does somebody pay you to write your rants in the newspaper?

“I can’t understand the hatred you seem to have for deer.  They are not demons.  they are not evil.  They are just innocent animals.

“Here’s a quick lesson in Reality 101 that you seem to have missed:

“Humans share this planet with other species, including wild animals.

“If you live in a suburb, you will have more animals around than if you live in a big city.

“If you move next to a park, you will have more animals around.

“Wild animals found in this area include squirrels, chipmunks, birds, skunks, raccoons, opossums, rabbits, and, yes, deer.

“If you don’t want to encounter these animals, then you should live in downtown Cleveland.

“I bet if the deer weren’t here, you would be griping about the geese, or the skunks, or some other animal.

“Other species, and other people, have rights too.  No, it’s not all about YOU.

“I enjoy the presence of wildlife in my yard.  I especially enjoy seeing the deer, as they are such beautiful animals.

“What right do you have to take away the rights of people who like nature and wildilfe? (sic)

“Why are you given a column in the paper, like you are some expert, or the Queen of Mentor?  Who made you God?

“Why don’t you just go away, literally.  You obviously don’t like it here, so move out.  The deer, and the people who do like them, were here first.  You and your ilk moved here and want to make Mentor into a dead concrete wasteland.  Go back to the big city. ”

(No signature)

Message to all Mentor Citizens from Queenie:  Come to the deer population meetings scheduled for January 31st and February 7th, 5:30 PM, City Hall, third floor in Council Chambers.  

We can listen to what the experts have to say and then make sure our city government listens to what we have to say.



  1. To the mystery person who commented on Caroles blog,

    It is nice to see the deer in the yard but not a herd that mows down every living plant around. It is nice to see the turkey’s but not when they attack you when trying to walk to the beach. Ever fought three “Toms” that have you stuck in the middle? Not fun! I fought with them for twenty minutes. I have not been in real fights that last twenty minutes. Listen to the State Wildlife officer. The levels in Mentor are too high. The deer are too thin. It’s just a matter of time before disease begins. Feeding does not help, in fact it helps spread disease. A deers body adjust to the change of seasons and eats less in the winter. Mother nature does some amazing things. We have three to ten times above a heatlhy level of deer. Ever hit a deer? That is not fun either. Morton Park is not a petting zoo. Stop feeding them.

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