Burroughs Nature Club Friday, February 17th   8 PM

Sand: A Geologic View of Caddisflies and Historical Building Stones in Northeastern Ohio      Dr. David Saja, Curator of Mineralogy, CMNH

After we saw northern Ohio from far above in our January meeting, we will narrow our focus in February to a grain of sand which has its own story to tell. Dr. David Saja, Curator of Mineralogy at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, will share two stories of sand from his research.

First, the story of sand used by caddisflies to build mobile cases in which they live and pupate. Dr. Saja and his students have been studying several species of these caddisflies in the rivers of northern Ohio.

He will then tell the story of sand still locked within our local rocks, like the Euclid Bluestone, Berea Sandstone, and the Sharon Formation, that tell intriguing tales about the rocks’ formation and use by industry.


Join us at our February Burroughs meeting and learn how careful methodic observations of individual objects less than a millimeter in size can reveal wonders of the natural world around us.

Dinner at 6:30 by firm reservation Adults             $8.00

Willoughby United Methodist Church Children 12 & under             $4.00

Make dinner reservations by Tuesday noon, February 14 to Carol Fishwick (440 946-3699) or email dfishwick@sbcglobal.net; Joe Baumann (440 248-6419); Lois Mara (440 352-9901); or Marge Westman (440 352-0510). Cancellations after Wednesday noon must be paid for, or you may wish to send someone in your place.

Guests and new members are always welcome at Burroughs.

Recycle printer cartridges and help save money on printing costs for Burroughs Club. Bring your empty cartridges to the meeting and Connie Owen will trade them in at Staples. Last year we saved substantially this way.

Visit us at  burroughsnatureclub.org



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