from University of CA, Berkeley Wellness Letter, February, 2012

Vitamin D is found naturally in few foods.  The good news is that more food companies are fortifying their products with the vitamin.

The not-so-good-news is that the nutrition recommendation for the Daily Value of vitamin D, 400 IU, on D-fortified food labels is lower than the current Daily Value proposed by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).  The new recommendation is  600 IU for adults through age 70 and 800 IU for adults over 70.

What this means is that a label for a serving of vitamin D fortified food saying it provides 50% of an under-70 adult’s Daily Value for vitamin D is in reality providing only 33% of your Daily Value.  If you’re over 70, then you’re receiving only 25% of your Daily Value.

To further complicate matters, many experts consider the new recommendations too low and are pushing to raise them.

My Take on the situation:  Nutrition is a very young science.  We need to stay tuned to new developments and resign ourselves to keeping our calculators right next to our forks on our dinner tables. 


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