This just in from Becky Donaldson, Mentor Marsh Naturalist:

We’re keeping a log of sightings of the eagles in or around the bald eagle nest. It will be at the MMNC so we can all share the information with interested visitors and post timely updates on our Mentor Marsh Facebook page.

If you hear anything from neighbors/friends or you yourself see the eagles in or around the Marsh area, please let me know so we can update the log.

Blackbrook Audubon had scopes set up at Shipman pond to view the nest on their bi-monthly bird walk last Sunday 2/26 and saw both eagles-one on the nest and the other nearby. At one time, both were on the nest!  Thanks for your help!

Becky    Rebecca Donaldson <>                         Mentor Marsh Naturalist       Mentor Marsh Carol H. Sweet Nature Center        5185 Corduroy Road   Mentor, Ohio 44060   (440) 257-0777 Direct


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