Tuesday   March 20   7 PM   Penitentiary Glen Nature Center   Presented by David Kriska, Biodiversity Coordinator at the Center for Conservation & Biodiversity & the Natural Areas Division of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH).

Come to the program to discover our region’s biodiversity that once was and that may become again because of the dedication of CMNH’s Natural Areas Division.

The Grand River Terraces Preserve is CMNH’s largest Natural Area in Ashtabula County.  With several different habitat types, from old growth Red Oak Forest to Hemlock Northern Hardwood Forest and a myriad of vernal pools in between—the property has a spectacular diversity of wildflowers.

The Terraces is being managed as a forest preserve for a dozen rare nesting birds, including Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Cerulean Warbler, both of which nest within the large forests on the preserve.

The preserve also includes nearly two miles of frontage along the Grand River.

The Natural Areas program currently has 40 nature preserves constituting approximately 5262 acres containing unique natural communities, such as the above mentioned forests, Lake Erie island alvar (plant community), fossil dune ridge, marshes, swamps and glacial wetlands.

These high-quality, globally rare habitats protect 115 endangered, threatened or rare plant species and 107 state-listed or rare fauna and provide critical habitat for migratory and rare nesting birds. 

Together, they represent the remarkable biological diversity that was once widespread throughout the region. In addition to identifying the species found in Grand River Terraces Preserve, Kriska conducts surveys on CMNH’s preserves and private property to track the status of our region’s rarest breeding birds.

For information about Blackbrook’s 2011-12 schedule of programs and activities, go to


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