I saw the little white fluffs of eaglet several times in the last hour or so. 

They haven’t been fed and aren’t clamoring for food, though there’s a dinner of dead chipmunk on the edge of the nest.

A few minutes ago, the eagle sheltering the eaglets stretched, flew away, and returned after about two minutes—unless it was the other mate who settled on the nest.

While the adult was gone, the eaglets moved around a little but didn’t seem alarmed to be alone.

Nor did they seem excited about seeing their source of shelter returning.

The adult eagle is snacking on the chipmunk, reminding me of a little ditty sung by the Crazy Kliban Cat, circa 1975:

 “I love to eat them mousies

Mousies what I love to eat

Bite they little heads off

Nibble on they tiny feet”

There’s a shadow falling over the nest now, and it’s getting difficult to distinguish what’s going on. 

There’s one more egg that hasn’t yet hatched.  Join the fun at  http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles

My thanks to James Young for sending me the URL.








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