You aren’t sure?  Maybe you ought to check it out, because many Lake County supermarkets do. 

Some carry it exclusively, some carry it only in certain ground beef packages, and some wouldn’t dream of carrying it.

In truth, I’ve surveyed only several stores, but I’m getting the drift:  Nobody’s bragging about “Pink Slime” on the ground beef labels. 

We, the consumers, have to ask. 

I also learned that we need to ask about frozen burger patties, too, because things can be different there from what they are in the fresh meat section, particularly with different brands of patties.

Some meat managers are more forthcoming than others–I advise you to stand your ground.  One fellow was a little vague about particulars, until I asked him to call the store manager over to explain the particulars to both of us.  Suddenly, the sun shone on his foggy memory and he was able to clearly articulate what only moments before were beyond his vision.

One manager broke off in the middle of his explanation to say, “You gotta remember, just a couple decades ago, we never knew what was in our meats! There was probably . . .”  Then I stopped him to tell him I didn’t gotta remember anything and I wasn’t here to talk about the past, only what was presently in his counter.  He managed to get back on track.

Though there are sources online regarding the presence of Pink Slime in Lake County markets, I favor duking it out eye-ball-to-eye- ball with the meat managers. 

 Good luck to us all.


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