I’m turning the column over to psl, who sent me the following comment about my recent blog about Pink Slime:

“So true.  I think we have to stay on top of this or they’ll slowly add it back like a cancer.

“I finally got two of our stores to say they won’t sell any additives to ground beef.  Since they haven’t taken out ads or posted anything, I don’t believe them.  They did finally relent and say their butchers would grind whatever I buy. 

“I bought 2 tough looking round steaks, had them ground, and this made the best hamburgers we’ve had in 20 years.  I’d forgotten.  Their prepackaged hamburger was $3.89/lb and so were the round steaks. 

“To the government and BPI to try and scare us with higher prices:  Well, fooey, we’ve been paying 15 to 25% more for this dog food for 20 years!  I think they owe us rebates, not the other way around.

“Isn’t it odd we’ve been eating this and the UK, EU and Canada have it outlawed?  What on earth is wrong with our government?”

Well thought out, well said, psl.  Thank you.


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