from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), Press Release   March 13, 2012   

Persons experiencing major depression feel constantly sad or burdened and are unable to enjoy any activities, even those previously enjoyable. 

Both personal and professional relationships seem derailed or on indefinite hold.

On most days, these feelings are present nearly all day and last at least two weeks.  During this interval, depressed persons experience at least four of the following signs of depression:

1)  A change in appetite that leads to weight loss or gain

2)  insomnia, or less often, oversleeping

3)  either a restlessness and inability to sit still or a slowdown in talking and performing tasks

4)  feeling tired most of the time, a loss of energy

5)  Problems making decisions or concentrating

6)  Thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide plans or attempts

Other signs of depression include loss of sexual desire, pessimistic or hopeless feelings, anxiety, and physical symptoms such as headaches, unexplained aches and pains, or digestive problems.

My Take on depression:  A severely depressed friend told me he didn’t seek help because yesterday his life was rotten, today his life is rotten, and tomorrow his life will be even more rotten.  So why bother trying to change it?

My heart aches, just remembering the conversation.  Depression is the only disease that tells us there’s no cure for it.


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