from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, press release   March 28, 2012

According to AltFuelPrices.com, quasar currently sells its compressed natural gas (CNG) for @2.25 per gasoline gallon equivalent.  According to AAA, on March 27th, the national average price for a gallon of gasoline.

Using the above figures, each of OSU’s bifuel cars, if run entirely on CNG, will save about $.065 in fuel costs per mile, which would save OARDC $975 per car per year, or $2925 total per year.  

Theoretically, there’d be a payback time of 11.8 years, or about 177,000 miles of driving per car—but the funding from Clean Fuels Ohio doesn’t have to be paid back.  The grant is meant to support real-world testing and demonstrations such as this one, according to Jim Currie, a leader of the project and director of a program to commercialize OSU’s research center.

At $5 per gallon of gasoline, the savings rise to $.11 cents per mile, $1650 per car per year and $4950 total per year, with the payback time falling to about 7 years, or about 105,000 miles per car.

At $6 (it could happen) per gallon, the savings increase to $.15 per mile, $2250 per car per year and $6750 total per year, with the payback time of 5.1 years, or about 76,000 miles per car.

John Ott, head of Facility Services department, says the expected fuel savings with CNG is based on the 25 MPG performance of a similar gasoline-only Fusion with combined city-highway mileage, driven 15,000 miles per year—typical use for the OSU cars being retrofitted to go bifuel.

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE) website, CNG and gasoline get about the same fuel economy.

Stay tuned for the environmental impact of OSU’s gas from garbage.

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