PRESSRELEASE April 11, 2012

33 Mill St LakeCounty         Painesville,Ohio 44077

GeneralHealthDistrict         Painesville: (440)350-2543 Cleveland:         (440) 918-2543 Madison:         (440) 428-4348 Ext. 2543

Frank Kellogg, R.S., M.P.H., Health Commissioner


The purpose of the play is to increase awareness of how being overweight or obese can impact the life choices of families and their children and addresses the issue of bullying. The play is targeted toward middle school-age children and admission is free. Lake County General Health District is encouraging schools to commit to a field trip in order to attend the play, but everyone is welcome to attend.

After the play, attendees have the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss current concerns that they may have or problems they are experiencing related to obesity and mental health. In an effort to further support families, exhibitors set up after the play will promote resources in the community to help families learn more about available programs in the area. Deputy Health Commissioner Ron Graham explained, ␣We hope to provide a coordinated effort in Lake County to support families that are looking to adopt healthier lifestyles. We are not advocating for ␣diets␣␣ but want to allow everyone to have the opportunity to become more active and eat healthier as a family or as an individual.

The play was made possible through generous donations by the Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental ChangE (ACHIEVE) Lake County Initiative, Lake County General Health District, Lake Health, and the Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board.

For more information or to reserve your seat, contact Karen Sarosy at         or (440) 350-2451. ###

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