Our grand and beautiful Grand River

American Rivers is a conservation group that has been evaluating and ranking troubled US rivers since 1986.

This year the group ranked Ohio’s Grand River number 6 in their list of the 10 most troubled rivers in the country.

Currently, the Grand is a State Wild and Scenic River, meaning that it’s been protected from the impact of development that has sickened many rivers over the last few decades.

Currently, the Grand hosts a variety of rare birds and other wildlife.

Currently, the Grand is a fisherman’s paradise.

Currently, the Grand has the best water quality of all the streams feeding into Lake Erie.

Currently, the Grand, like the number-5-ranking Hoback River in Wyoming, is threatened by weak state laws that don’t protect it from natural gas fracking wastewater.

You can help protect both public health and the purity of the Grand River by signing the petition to Ohio legislators urging them to vote Yes on HB474.

You’ll find the petition at

reported by Discovery News  May 15, 2012  also by American Rivers

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