Eastern Redspotted Salamander

Sunday   June 17, 2012    2 PM   Meet at the Mentor Marsh Nature Center, 5185 Corduroy Road, Mentor.

Dads, get outside and explore with your kids. We’ll turn over logs and rocks, scoop critters-look for life at the Marsh!

What we’ll be looking for: Spotted salamanders, red-backed salamanders, pill bugs, millipedes, centipedes, worms, ants, daddy long legs, other spiders (wolf spiders?)

We’ll find burrowing crayfish chimneys along the Zimmerman Trail.

Scooping at the vernal pool on Zimmerman (catch/observe): salamander larva, tadpoles (green frog, toad, spring peeper, gray tree frog), green frogs, painted turtles, northern water snake, adult and larval (nymph) dragonflies and damselflies, fishing spiders, predaceous diving beetles, crawling water beetles, scuds, aquatic isopods—Fun!

Mentor Marsh is an interpretive nature preserve of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History(CMNH) and the State of Ohio (ODNR) Division of Natural Areas and Preserves. Trails are open daily, year-round, dawn to dusk. From April through October, Mentor Marsh Nature Center is open from noon to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Hikes are free; reservations recommended at or (440) 257-0777.

Becky Donaldson

Mentor Marsh Naturalist        Mentor Marsh Carol H. Sweet Nature Center              5185 Corduroy Road Mentor, Ohio 44060                    440) 257-0777 Direct

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History        1 Wade Oval Drive, University Circle          Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1767

216-231-4600 x3505 Lv. mssg.       800-317-9155 x3505 Lv. mssg.

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