Reflections on Santoli Pond

Yesterday evening as I set up my tripod and camera to take the above photo on the opposite bank of the pond, I saw a doe pause to the right of the above area.

I regretted that I hadn’t been 30 seconds faster and had been able to capture the doe and her reflection as well as the tangle of roots.

After taking the photo, I scanned the pond, looking for wildlife.  I saw something small and reddish moving toward the tangle, rushed to the camera and snapped a couple more photos.  I wasn’t sure what I’d seen, as it was about 100 yards away.

Mighty Aqua Fawn moving toward tangle, lower left

When I got the photos up on my screen, I was amazed to see a tiny dappled fawn entering the tangle . . .

. . . and then up through the tangle to disappear into the weeds, where I suspect the doe was waiting.

Photos copyright Carole Clement



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