A few of the hikers pause at Penitentiary Glen to listen to a bull frog chorus on one of the June hikes.  Tom Yates, right

The hikers meet every Thursday morning at 9 AM at a different park or natural area in Lake County.

Nick Standering, Recreation Coordinator, organizes the walks and has arranged to have Tom Yates, retired Holden horticulturist, accompany us as an interpretive guide—they don’t come any better.

Rattlesnake Master blooming in Pen Glen’s front garden

This plant is an unlikely relative of the carrot family.  Its pale green balls house the plant’s tiny white flowers, which attract a variety of insects.

Male Eastern Bluebird perched in a tulip tree

My thanks to Jim McConnor of Blackbrook Audubon Society for identifying the gender of the bluebird.  Without seeing its wings or back, I couldn’t identify its gender by its breast coloration alone.  Jim can.

A very small snake, may be Plains Gartersnake 

A small snake, may be Common Ribbonsnake 

Fairy Candle or Bugbane

According to Tom Yates, folklore claims the plant repels bed bugs.  I prefer to think it lights the way for fairies.


Thursday, July 5 – *New Trail* Lake Erie Bluffs – 2901 Clark Rd. Perry Township  (Metroparks reports tick sightings, so wear long pants.)

Thursday, July 12 – Hell Hollow – 14435 Leroy Center Rd.

 Thursday, July 19 – Veterans Park – 5730 Hopkins Road

 Thursday, July 26 – Mentor Marsh – 5185 Corduroy Road

The center will not cancel the hikes due to inclement weather; we leave it up to each individual participant if they feel it’s safe.

Please bring plenty of water to stay hydrated as July looks to be pretty steamy!

Contact Nick Standering, Mentor Senior Center Recreation Coordinator at for a monthly schedule of interpretive walks.

Photos copyright Carole Clement

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