The Wilderness Center (TWC) owns 967 acres scattered in Stark, Wayne and Holmes Counties.  It’s a self-supporting, 501 (c) 3 nature center, founded in 1964 by members of the Canton Audubon Society.

The Center’s mission is “. . .to connect people of all ages, conserve natural resources and practice environmental stewardship.”

They support their mission through membership fees, fundraising events and sales, program fees, grants, donations, and through what they refer to as “ecopreneurism.”

The physical Center consists of an Interpretive Building, Astronomy Education Building, and picnic shelters.  The visitor is free to wander nearly 10 miles of trails through woods and prairie, along creeks and streams and past Wilderness Lake and ponds.

Fires are not permitted in picnic areas, and dogs are permitted only in certain areas.  The trails are cut but are neither paved nor graveled.

Their parking area is unique in that cars are sheltered from sun, rain and snow by huge solar panels that power the Center’s facilities.

It’s a beautiful campus that teaches environmental stewardship through classes and clubs and–through example.

Here are some of the pretties a friend and I enjoyed at TWC last week:

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Bee Balm

The Hummingbird Moth

Two photos of the Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly

The Eastern Wood-Peewee

I took several photos of the bird, and in each one he’s looking over his shoulder in the direction where we’d last seen two hawks circling in the sky.

The Eastern Bluebird

Wild Phlox and Cardinal Flower

You can get directions, hours and more information about TWC at

Thanks to Susan Wiedmann of Lake Metroparks for IDing the damselfly and to Jim McConnor of Blackbrook Audubon Society for IDing the Peewee.

Photos © Carole Clement


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