I took an informal poll of some of the  health-conscious men and women in the Senior Center exercise room to find out why they exercised.  Here are their answers, in no particular order:

I exercise because . . . I’m a heart patient, I’ve had heart bypass surgery, I’m recovering from an injury, diabetes and heart disease runs in my family, I want to keep up with my grandchildren, I like to, it’s good thinking time, it relaxes me, it peps me up, I want to stay alive, I need to strengthen my muscles, I want to maintain my health, I want to live longer, it boosts my metabolism and I can enjoy more food without gaining weight, it relieves joint pain, it keeps me limber and flexible, I’m older and I gotta, I think better afterwards,

I exercise to avoid . . . lupus, diabetes, becoming obese, having a heart attack, having a stroke

Of all the choices in Lake County, I prefer to work out at the Mentor Senior Center because . . . the location is convenient, I like working out with people in my age group, it has a laid-back atmosphere, there’s no loud music, it’s clean, the equipment’s well-maintained, people are friendly, people work out instead of socializing, everything at the Mentor Senior Center’s the best in the area, the equipment’s good, the staff is responsive to suggestions to improve the Fitness Room, the staff is caring, I feel comfortable here, it’s never crowded or noisy, people are considerate and polite,

Almost everyone mentioned cost as a factor.  The cost of using the room is part of the $5 annual fee Mentorites pay and the $7 others pay.

If that doesn’t bespeak a senior center, a city administration and a city council willing to subsidize the health and well being of its community, I don’t know what does.

There are 20 pieces of equipment in the Fitness Room, 7 of which are multipurpose.

My Take on the Fitness Room:  I’ve been working out for 40 years, but for only the last 2 months at the Senior Center.  What took me so long to get here????  (Besides coming of age, of course.)

Tomorrow:  5 Myths about Fitness Workouts

Mentor Senior Center    8484 Munson Rd     440 974-5725          Fitness Room available 7 AM to 9 PM, Monday-Thursday, 7 AM to 4:30 PM, Friday, Main Entrance and Center Street doors open.       (Only Main Entrance doors open at 7 AM, Monday-Friday, for access to Fitness Room) 

 Office hours  Monday-Thursday, 8 AM-7:30 PM,   Friday 8 AM-4:30 PM 



  1. Sounds like a pretty nice place to work out!

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