Treats for your taste buds and your brain

A small study conducted by German researchers at the University of ULM compared levels of vitamin C and Beta-carotene in the blood of healthy seniors with the levels in Alzheimer’s patients and found significantly lower levels of both antioxidants in the Alzheimer’s group.

Lead researcher Christine von Arnim and her team compared the responses of 74 Alzheimer’s patients and 158 healthy participants, ages 65-90, on neuropsychological tests and in answering lifestyle questions.

In testing the participants’ serum-concentration of antioxidants, researchers found no deficiency of vitamin E, lycopene or coenzyme Q10, but significant deficiencies of vitamin C and Beta-carotene.

The study suggests low levels of the two nutrients could be clues to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and further suggests the possibility of dietary interventions to stave off dementia.

Still, researchers warn that findings show only an association rather than a causal connection and believe that long-term studies involving a larger number of participants might lead the way for dietary interventions against Alzheimer’s.

Source:  Tufts Health & Nutrition Update,   September 21, 2012 NaturalNews.com September 21, 2012                Study published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease September 2012



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