Like so many advertisements run by pharmaceutical companies for a variety of conditions,  ads for erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs promise relief is just a pill away.

Not so.

Erectile dysfunction is a complicated and challenging problem, and a satisfying sexual life involves a great deal more than well-functioning body parts. ED often sets in motion a cycle of emotional and relationship problems—or may have been triggered by emotional and relationship problems.

“Fixing” ED may reveal other sources of sexual dysfunction, such as sexual issues with the partner, low libido and/or difficulties with arousal.

In such situations, the expert advice of a sex therapist can help you to:

Determine if you and your partner are comfortable using ED medication.

Talk about what both partners need for sexual pleasure.  For example, some people need more romantic expressions including talking, affection, and sensual touching before moving on to sexual activity.

Explore expectations about the sexual relationship once ED drugs are introduced.  Not all sex will be a “10,” arousal problems may still be present, and the drugs won’t work in the absence of desire and physical stimulation.

Delve into emotional and relationship issues that interfere with sexual intimacy.

Create strategies to address instances of unsuccessful intercourse.

My Take on the information:  There’s more than a little truth in the old saw that the biggest sexual organ in the human body is the brain.

Source: Harvard Medical School Healthbeat, October 20, 2012



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