_DSC4191“Waterloo Ballroom” @ Slovenian Workmen’s Home

15335 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44110, Ph:  216/481-5378 – e-mail:

3:00 PM until 7:00 PM

$12 per person includes a sandwich and a soft (water or fountain) drink

Dances every Sunday October, 2012 through May, 2013

March 3rd – Bobby Kravos

March 10th – The Culker Band

March 17th Mike Wojtila

March 24th & 31st – NO DANCE

April 7th – Frank Spetich, Jr.

April 14th – Joey Tomsick

April 21st – Bob Kravos

April 28th – Jeff Pecon

May 5th – Mike Wojtila

May 12th – Fred Ziwich

May 19th – Frank Moravsek

May 26th – Bob Kravos

End of Season – Back in October



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