tiny-feathered-dino-200x200Eosinopteryx brevipenna, a 12-inch longtheropod dinosaur that wandered around China during the Middle/Late Jurassic period   The unusual arrangement of the wing bones prevented any flapping motion.

Now that scientists have unearthed a number of fossilized dinosaur feathers, we’ve got to erase the stereotypical, reptilian image we carry of the creatures.  Many of them, though flightless, used their tails and other feathers for “display” to attract female dinosaurs.

People laugh when I tell them alligator tastes like chicken, but why shouldn’t it?  They’re close enough cousins.

Some scientists go as far as to say that the dinosaurs aren’t extinct; they’re hopping around our bird feeders and resting on our platters for Sunday dinner.

Though sometimes new discoveries are dizzying, this is truly a great age of advances to be living in.

I think the cute little guy above could be a poster bird for Easter chicks.

Source:  Discovery News  January 31, 2013     Wikipedia



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