stacked-slices-of-tumor-stained-with-dye-145x300Stacked slices of treated tumor  Image credit Presage Biosciences, Seattle

Presage Biosciences has launched clinical studies to determine the efficacy of new technology, which would permit the injection of several needles through the skin into a living tumor.

Each needle would contain a small amount, about 1/5 of a drop, of an anti-cancer drug.

The treatment would have an important advantage over current drug-delivery systems:  Because experimental cancer drugs have low chances of success and may have harmful side effects, it’s optimum to test them in small amounts.

Once the tumor is removed from the body, it’s sliced into thin sections (above) that can be stained for markers of individual drug activity, enabling doctors to see which drugs killed the cancer cells.

Once the “killer” drug is established, it can be given intravenously in larger doses to fight the cancer throughout the patient’s body.

Drug company Millennium is currently using the technology to test drug combinations on solid tumors in lab animals.

Source:   Smart Planet Daily, January 17, 2013    Technology Review, January 18, 2013        


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