Researchers at King’s College London and Anhui Medical University in China conducted a study of 5,921 Chinese people over the age of 60.  They reviewed information about the participants’ dementia statuses, smoking habits and exposure to secondhand smoke.  They found that 10% suffered from severe dementia.

“The increased risk of severe dementia syndromes in those exposed to passive smoking is similar to increased risk of coronary heart disease—suggesting that urgent preventive measures should be taken, not just in China but many other countries,” said study researcher Dr Ruoling Chen, a senior public health lecturer at King’s College London.

Chen continued, “Passive smoking should be considered an important risk factor for severe dementia syndromes, as this study in China shows.  Avoiding exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) may reduce the risk of severe dementia syndromes.”

Another study found the mental decline of a 50-year-old smoking man the same as that of a 60-year-old non-smoking man.

Last December a study concluded that smoking rots the brain, in that it damages parts of the brain responsible for reasoning, memory and learning.

My Take on the information:  Here’s the only sure remedy:


SOURCE:  University of CA, Berkeley Wellness Letter, April 2013    Huffington, January 17, 2013   Studies published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, in Age and Aging, in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and in Archives in General Psychiatry


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