_DSC4898Photo (c) Carole Clement

As I drove down the gravel/dirt driveway off Rte 283 yesterday morning, I saw no sign of the Ospreys at the cell tower.  A hundred feet further down, one flew in and perched just in time for its photo opp.

All well and good, but then it got better:  I saw the Osprey mate’s wing fluttering below the perching Osprey (above), meaning it was down to business on the nest on the cell tower platform.

I don’t know how high those towers are, but from the ground, the perching bird looked like a sparrow.

Ospreys first breed when they’re 3-4 years old, mating for life.  Eggs are brooded for 5 weeks, so let’s all keep an eye out for activity around the middle of June.

Ospreys nest near fresh water sources and are also known as Fish Hawks.

Smaller than eagles, they’re about 24” long with a wingspan of almost 6’.   They generally live for 5-7 years.

Directions to the driveway:  From the traffic light at the intersection of Heisley Rd and Rte 283, drive East for 4-500’.  The driveway is on the right/South side of 283 between a brown MAX building and a green roadside mailbox.

The cell towers will be on your left.  You can turn around at the end of the drive, where you’ll find a fence and a No Trespassing sign with the added disincentive of “Trespassers will be shot.”

The only scarier No Trespassing sign I once saw read, “Violators will be violated.”  Sounds like Old Testament ideas.


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