DSC_0001That’s the ugly critter that took possession of my deck this morning, preventing me from enjoying my morning cuppa on the deck.  Snapping turtles are extremely aggressive and surprisingly fast-moving on land.  And don’t let the foreshortened view fool you about its size.

DSC_0002Here it had conveniently lined itself up with my deck’s 5 1/2” boards. This one’s carapace is about 12” in length.  His tail is another 6”, and when he extends his distinctive serpentine neck, that adds another 6”.

Altogether I had 24” of aggressive, bone-crunching critter to deal with and wisely shot the photos through the patio doors & waited till the turtle lumbered off before I set (bare) foot outside.

The carapace of a full-grown Snapping Turtle grows to about 20”, and I’ve had 15 inchers around the deck before.  Happily, not often.

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