Members enjoy a delicious lunch and lively conversation at Trader Jack’s covered patio overlooking the Chagrin River.

                       Cordial Connections

“where single seniors meet and mingle”

President, Gayle Celizic, 953-4469.  Board of Directors:  Alice Channell, Carole Clement, Susan Gray, Sheila Sanders, Ron Sulzer, Harold Shipley

Wednesday, July 3rd  2:30 pm check in for 3 pm Good Time III cruise to watch the Tall Ships Parade of Sail at 4 pm.  $14 for seniors. Purchase tickets on line or call 1-216-861-5110.  Good Time’s dock is on E. 9th Street behind the Rock Hall. Carpooling suggested. RSVP to Gayle as soon as you purchase your ticket.

Tuesday, July 9th ,11:30am. Social Connection at Mentor Senior Center. Come, have lunch and meet your fellow club members in a relaxed social setting, the Main Hall of the Senior Center. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the other Cordial Connection members and win prizes.

Friday, July 12th , 6pm Dinner Connection at Bistro 70, 70 North St. Clair St., downtown Painesville. Take Rt.2 east to Richmond Rd. exit, turn left on Richmond Rd., turn left on E. Erie St., turn right on N. St. Clair St.. Parking lot is at side of the building. RSVP to Susan Gray.

Wednesday, July 17th ,1pm lunch at Pickle Bills, 101 River St. Grand River. Take Heisley Rd. north off Rt.2, turn right on Olive St. to River St and look for the lighthouse on the restaurant. RSVP to Harold Shipley.

Tuesday, July 23rd Board of Directors Meeting, 2 pm. Share your ideas for August events with a board member before then.

Thursday, July 25th – Music connection. “#1 Hits of the 60’s” a high energy show from Branson, MO captures the heart of that era through music and dance. Croatian Lodge, 34900 Lakeshore Blvd., Willoughby, just west of Rt.91, 943-5480. Lunch & show,12 pm – $46.00, show only, 1:30 pm- $30.00. RSVP to Ron Sulzer after you purchase your ticket so we can be sure to sit together.

Saturday, August 3rd  , 1-4pm, spend a day at the Races. Thistledown Racino, 21501 Emery Rd, Cleveland. Have a leisurely lunch in the Silks clubhouse and watch those ponies run. Carpooling from 8230 Steeplechase Dr. at noon. RSVP to Gayle.

New Ideas!!

Connecting.  One of the purposes of our group is to facilitate members’ connecting with other members.  To that end, in addition to meeting others at scheduled events, the Board of Directors encourages you to contact other members in Cordial Connections when you’d like to share a movie, a walk, a cup of coffee, a sporting event, etc., with another person.

We suggest your initial approach be a “soft” approach, as some persons find it rather unnerving to be asked out by a person they know only little or not at all.  In such cases, “No” seems the easiest and safest answer.

So give yourself a chance.

As a first step, you might first suggest meeting for coffee or a drink to find out what common interests you and the other person may share.

Carpooling 101.2  If you’re willing to drive occasionally when other members need a ride to an event, please call Carole Clement.  She’ll publish a list of drivers and phone numbers in the monthly newsletter.

1)  Drivers are under no obligation to attend events because others need a ride.

2)  Drivers are under no obligation to take passengers if they attend an event to which others need a ride.

3)  Drivers set the number of passengers they’re willing to drive.

4)  Drivers determine the pickup and drop-off time and location.

5) Drivers are under no obligation to wait for persons who don’t show up on time.

Mentor Senior Center    8484 Munson Rd     440 974-5725            Office hours  Monday-Thursday, 8 AM-7:30 PM,        Friday 8 AM-4:30 PM       (Fitness equipment available 7 AM, Main Entrance doors only) 


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