period-store-bags-620x400Photo credit The Period Store

Feminine hygiene is a $14,000,000,000 global industry with a long-held tradition of shamelessly using euphemisms, period shaming and secrecy in addressing menstruation, thereby reinforcing social discomfort about the subject.

Enter The Period Store, a monthly subscription service based in New York that’s making menstruation a less uncomfortable and easier to discuss subject.

Co-founder Ashley Seil Smith was raised in a household of five girls where all subjects were discussed freely and says The Period Store was a natural outgrowth of her early experiences.  She added, “I wanted an unbiased place where women might see all of the options available for period management and be able to discuss them openly.”

To that end, the company created a blog, The Periodical, where women freely exchange their personal anecdotes, product reviews, humorous videos and hygiene tips.

Smith and business partners, husband Nate and friend Rubi Jones, opted for an online business model to keep costs low and to reach a broader community of women.

The store offers period packs in a choice of four configurations.  Each pack includes tampons, pads and liners as well as gourmet chocolate, art prints and herbal pain remedies.  The choice of sanitary products goes beyond well-known US brands and includes a selection of international brands and eco-friendly products, such as reusable pads and sponges.

New subscribers fill out an online form detailing their cycle information.  After the first package arrives, subscribers receive a reminder to update cycle details so the next delivery cycle and menstrual cycle are in synch.

The immediate success of the service is attributable to its guileless approach:  no gimmicks, nothing cutesy–just honest, straight talk.

My Take on this business model:  Kudos!

I recently saw a tampon commercial in which 2 women entered the ocean.  A shark immediately clamped on one of them, creating a huge pooling of blood—her tampon evidently leaked, driving the shark to a feeding frenzy.

I vanted to womit at this disgusting display of taste gone worse than bad.

Source:   Smart Planet Daily, June 24, 2013


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