I’m Carole Clement. I’m a playwright who enjoys following the social and political scene, dancing, working out, cooking, gardening and keeping up with fitness and nutrition news. I’m a tree-hugging conservationist who likes people, places and things that are fun and/or funny.

In writing about conservation and the environment, my purpose is to give voice to the diverse and voiceless habitats in my community and in all communities  on Earth.

As a conservationist, I don’t believe that every creature has the right to increase and multiply as its nature dictates.


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  1. Bill Wickline

    Hi Carol. I read the paper today and, under the section where it says “Meet Your Neighbors”, I found your name and your picture; thus your blog website. I will be logging in to check on your site periodically.

  2. Fred Caplinger

    Great information, Carole. I will be looking forward to future posts.

  3. I am always taken aback by blogs such as yours who focus on the
    mundane and not issues that really matter…..what i take from your
    blog is that the deer are eating your flowers….that certainly is earth
    shattering isn’t it……homes are built in deer territory, taking away
    their food source so they are forced to forage where they can……..there are other answers other than destroying them…..
    i am always amazed when people put a higher value on $30 worth
    of plants over the lives of wildlife………you need to get a life.

    • Hey, Pat!
      You must be a bit out of the loop on the deer issue.
      Deer were extirpated (no longer existed in the state) from the State of Ohio by 1904 (there was not hunting season’s between 1897 and 1943, when deer had “recovered” enough to have a season).
      In the 1930’s ODNR Division of Wildlife began to reintroduce deer in Ohio.
      In 1950, there were an estimated 15000 deer in Ohio.
      By 1995, the deer population had reached 550,000. Deer are found in all 88 counties and according to the ODNR Division of Wildlife “are kept in control by a regulated deer season.”
      Due to the lack of predator and hunting pressure in areas of Lake County and other highly urbanized counties, the deer congragate. There are SO many deer in Lake County that they don’t have enough “deer” food to eat (and resort to eating things they don’t normally eat) and the health of the herd has suffered. An adult 3 year old deer in Lake County is half the size of a similar deer in Ashtabula or Trumbull County. The lack of food doesn’t necessarily mean less deer, just more unhealthy deer.
      Just one more thing for the record, housing development is the number one creator of habitat for deer, because it creates edgelines or ecotones (transition zone between forest and field). Deer LOVE these edgelines, mainly because they can forage and run into the woods if threated. Due to this increase in habitat, the deer population has exploded to nearly 650,000.
      The cost to homeowners, landowners, farmers, automobile owners, insurance companies, emergency response agency’s, and business owners far outweigh’s the negative impacts to wildlife.
      The State of Ohio needs to develop better ways to control wildlife populations. This is underscored by the difficulties communities like Mentor are having in trying to determine how deal with deer the state reintroduced without a succcessful plan to manage.
      I’ve only scratched the surface of this FAR from “mundane” issue.
      Please take the time to learn and understand an issue before you make such crass and uninformed comments!

  4. Carole: Don’t be discouraged by commenters like Pat. I enjoy your posts and hope you’ll continue writing. “Issues that really matter” are in the eyes of the beholder.

  5. Scott–Thank you for your encouragement. I have a funny feeling that person hadn’t read my blogs (or tried but couldn’t rise to the occasion)–there are form-spammers out there who shoot off mundane criticisms on certain hot-button issues.
    Yes, I will continue because I love what I’m doing and all the different things I’m learning. Last month, I did cut back to blogging only Mon-Fri, though. In truth, I was beginning to feel as though I didn’t have a life. (smile) Carole

  6. Max–Thanks for your comments. You’re certainly up on your stats!

  7. Thanks for publicizing the Strop Fracking Geauga Rally!!!!

    Jess Schaner

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